Ben K Rosenbloom

A one-page micro rpg. Can school drama bloom on a battlefield?
A one-move pbta game for the Your Move jam. Open the lore spigots.
An octopus-haven-building, map-drawing, community-thinking rpg
A one-page micro rpg. The classic tavern sitcom of wacky weekly hijinx.
A short introductory ttrpg about going to the store to pick up a few things. For the OnRampJam
A rules-light philosophical exploration rpg. A hack of Tunnel Goons for the Goon Jam.
A one page micro-rpg. The dungeon renovation tv show of your dreams.
A short game of brewing potions and flower gathering
Generate factions of ne'er-do-wells. A Forged in the Dark supplement
A one page micro-rpg. Find love among the fantasy world's most date-able singles.
a treatise on planar metaphysics for the prismatic corpse dnd rewrite
A game about destroying history. A submission to the Legacy Jam.
A one page micro-rpg. The noble quest of slimes striving to save daytime tv.
a dungeon pamphlet adventure into a dangerous temple
A one page micro-rpg. The hottest medieval cooking show since Taako's Tacos.
Belonging outside belonging. Building a utopia with action, thought, and games.
the greatest fantasy adventure of all - owning a home and settling down
a map-making game about reclaiming your history for Mapemounde 2019
a collection of eighteen playbooks for Dungeon World
a collection of compendium classes, advanced player options for Dungeon World
A playbook for Dungeon World about being a "monster"
A watery mirror of Dungeon World's Immolator
Two weird mind power playbooks for Dungeon World
Two magical explorer playbooks for Dungeon World
Two materials-centric playbooks for Dungeon World