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A game to play when your d&d game ends or couldn't all meet that week. 1 or more players. gm-less (unless they want to play too).

The Manual of Gainful Employment is about building a town with your fantasy role playing friends if they decide they're tired of doing murder in horrible dungeons. It's about letting yourself be a part of a community, thinking about sacrifice and connection, and growing and changing over time.

Gameplay mostly involves asking each other (or yourself) questions, and sometimes rolling a 20-sided die. You don't need to have a character already made if you don't want. Works for any fantasy ttrpg but with specific focus on d&d's character archetypes.

A game for the Transferable Class Skills Jam

The background image is Tombs of Great Arab Saints to be seen in the Neighborhood of Rosetta, Egypt by Luigi Mayer, a work in the public domain.


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