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After cutting a path through the treacherous jungle, you've finally reached it - the Temple of the Radiant Sun. Inside awaits a jewel of tremendous value, the legends say.  But you'll have to navigate your way past the nefarious traps. And who knows who else has heard the legends...

This is a short little dungeon adventure/inspiration for Dungeon World or any fantasy-style ttrpg. Combat light, but enough juice for a full session, if a little on the shorter side. It's a module I came up with to introduce the game to people and had a fun time with. More colonial than I'm happy with, but with some complications to that narrative.

An entry for the Pamphlet Dungeon Jam

The background image is the cover of The Story of the Sun, by Sir Robert Ball. The pamphlet's cover image is a picture of a portable horizontal nocturnal sundial and altitude sundial, courtesy of the Metropolitan museum's open access archives. Both are in the public domain.

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AuthorBen K Rosenbloom
Tagscoutal, Dungeon Crawler, dungeon_world, Fantasy, Magic, pamphletjam, temple


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